Kira-Kira shot up in the bed. “Where the hell am I?” She hissed aloud. She was in some fancy hotel room somewhere, sitting on a fancy bed. Quickly, she got up to look around the room, hoping to find something that would tell her the location.
Everything that had anything to do with the city was gone. A change of clothes, a blood red dress and black leggings, sat on a table with a trench coat and several hundred dollars in twenties. She changed into the proffered clothing, and yanked on the jacket, shoving the money in her pocket. Before striding out the door, she glanced in the mirror and straightened out her bright red hair. She was still confused.
The streets were crowded, and being the proud woman she was, Kira-Kira would not ask for help. A growl from her stomach alerted her to the need for food. She began looking around, not paying attention to her surroundings, when suddenly, she walked into someone.